Your Partners in Dispatching

We are a one stop shop so that you can do what you are paid to do – drive. We offer various services aimed at making your life easier. Our services include rate negotiation, collection assistance, invoicing/paperwork, trip planning, credit checks and 24/7 support

Always going the extra mile

We have relationships with industry leading shippers that we work with on an ongoing basis nationwide to ensure that you receive top rates

We're Here to Help

We’re available 24/7 in case you need our help or support. Contact us anytime for immediate assistance.

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Rate Negotiation & Collection Assistance

We'll negotiate rates on your behalf and make sure you get paid in full

Invoicing & Paperwork

We can do all the paperwork and invoicing so you can focus on driving

We are Multilingual

we can assist you in English or Somali

24/7 Support

we’re here for you 24 hrs a day

Credit Checks

Need a credit check done before you deliver a load? Let us know and we'll tell you the results

We’re your partners in dispatching

Happy Journey Dispatching provides top of the line dispatching services and assistance that you can depend on. Our clients are our partners as your success is our success.

Happy Journey Dispatching is here to make the lives of independent owner operators and fleet owners easier. We are a one stop shop so that you can do what you are paid to do – drive.

Our goal is to always book smart loads. A smart load for us consist of low deadhead, low weight and a good rate. Booking smart loads allow you to maximize your hours of service as well as save on fuel!

We have loads for an array of equipment types such as Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed, and more!

Here at Happy Journey Dispatching, we always go the extra mile. You come in as a client & you quickly become family.

Mission Statement:

To make an effective difference in the community by providing high-quality, professional and effective communications, and to ensure responder safety, while striving to save lives and protect property.

Your Success is Our Mission!

It’s not all about money at Happy Journey Dispatching. We value and believe in relationships, integrity, prompt communication, and client satisfaction first.